Here are some very good reasons:

They have significant educational uses:

In addition to promoting the enjoyment of singing,
these school songs have three main purposes:

1/ To reinforce positive values
(eg, respect; application to learning);

2/ To boost achievements in curriculum subjects
by targeting key areas
(eg, better story building; faster mental calculations);

3/To teach and reinforce essential study skills
(things as basic as paying attention and reading teachers'
written comments intended as aids to improving work).

They can be used in a wide variety of contexts:

Whole school and groups (assemblies, singing practice, etc);

Classes (together, groups, pairs, one-to-one);

Several could also form part of a home schooling curriculum.

This is what their writer/composer Laurence Conway says:

"I have had over 20 years experience of  working with children between the ages of 3 and 11 in UK mainstream schools as music teacher, class teacher (all applicable subjects), intervention practitioner (boosting literacy and numeracy) and special educational needs coordinator.

Experience has taught me which learning matters matter the most
- what children's learning priorities are and should be
(those commonly-addressed, those rarely addressed and those which ought to be addressed but aren't elsewhere) - and so I write songs about them:  clearly-focused with learning/reinforcement objectives obvious to the children - that is vital.

Obtain my educational songs from this website easily & securely:

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How much are these songs each & what is supplied?

Only £1 GBP for all four of these items, sent in a ready-to-use folder*:
*attached song pack - just download it and off you go!

1. Guide Vocal Included Recording (mp3)
- for learning the song

2. Backing Only Recording (mp3)
- for when it's known well enough not to need Guide Vocals

3. Lyrics (pdf)
- displayable/printable

 4. Sheet Music
- top line (sometimes more),
placed chords and Lyrics (pdf)
- printable/displayable

What if I have any comments or questions?

Please send an email using the CONTACT FORM.
Comments (favourable or otherwise) will be taken on board
and questions answered.  If any unforeseen problems
occur, they will be addressed without delay...

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