...Based on Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,
using finger actions,
this song teaches Counting down from 10.
It also teaches Rhyming: line rhymes with 9, wait rhymes with 8, etc:


Another of the original educational school songs from Songs for Positive Schools
Each of them is supplied by email as an instantly downloadable song pack containing:
guide vocal included mp3 + backing only mp3 + lyrics pdf + sheet music pdf.

Ten Little Fingers


10  Ten little fingers,
standing in a line,
fold one away,
9  now you just see nine.

Nine little fingers,
one doesn't want to wait,
fold it away,
8  now you just see eight.

Eight little fingers,
not nine, ten or eleven,
fold one away,
7  now you just see seven.

Seven little fingers,
pretending to be sticks,
fold one away,
6  now you just see six.

Six little fingers,
all wiggling - they're alive,
fold one away,
5  now you just see five.

Five little fingers,
stretching to the floor,
fold one away,
4  now you just see four.

Four little fingers,
as still as still can be,
fold one away,
3  now you just see three.

Three little fingers,
lined up, like people do,
fold one away,
2  now you just see two.

Two little fingers,
going for a run,
fold one away,
1  now you just see one.

One little finger,
it isn't very many,
fold it away,
0  now you don't see any.

All the little fingers,
folded down,
this little song can go round and round.

All the little fingers,
here they are again!
back as they started,
10  back to ten!